Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cruise Ship

Hi, my name is Nicholas, and I chose to do my oratory on my first cruise ship ride. The cruise ship is a Disney cruise ship called “Disney Dream”.

Now I am going to tell you about the twisty water slide. The water slides name is “Aqua Duck”. The Aqua Duck is 765 feet long, it is a winding slide that splashes and blasts you down four of the ships decks. This water slide propels you up and down and around and through a forward funnel, and even over the edge of the ship and back again.

The service on the cruise ship is very good, and a Disney character may even make an appearance. The food on the ship is excellent and they always have snacks for you to eat. On the ship you can enjoy breakfast and lunch buffets, and 24hr room service. You can eat by the pools and have complimentary drinks on deck. The staff is always friendly, they make the cruise very fun and you may even receive a free toy.

The rooms on the ship come in all different sizes. Some of the rooms come with DVD players and whirlpool tubs. All the rooms come with cozy queen size beds, and sofas that can turn into a bed. Some of the rooms have either a window or a veranda so you can see the ocean.

In conclusion the Disney Cruise Ship “Disney Dream” will be a lot of fun for everyone. Maybe you will get to go on the Disney Cruise Ship one day, I know I will be.

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