Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My aqwarem trip

Hi my name is Anton and i will be talking to you about my aquarium trip. Why didn’t the jellyfish Cross the road? Because it had no brains. We where at the back of the line it took about 30 minuets to get in. Finally we got in. There where two starfish tanks. There where two sets of stairs to a lower floor and higher floor. When we actually got in to the zoo we went to the reptile house. Later on we went to the bird cages .After lunch we got to see the manterays i got to pet one. After the manterays we took stairs to the bottom floor and saw sharks. Then we saw jellyfish they were cool. The sea turtles were cool my mom liked them. The last thing we saw was a dolphin. My mom liked them she thought they were cool. The dolphin was not listening to the trainer . After we were done it was a long ride home .

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